What have we got for you?

We have built, and continually improving it further, a cloud-based product to smartly handle all core business processes – Multi-Channel selling (including marketplaces, retail outlets or stores), Managing Cash flows, Inventory Management, Order Management, Supply chain, Marketing, Online Merchandising, Logistics, etc. Shopper Center built as a flexible tool to quickly adapt to changing customer demands and market trends. Importantly, Shopper Center lets you maintain a healthy customer experience and to become profitable in e-commerce.

Where to Sell?

Depending upon the business category you are in, we sit down with you to shortlist the most suitable platforms for you. We also go ahead and register you in all the Market places.

Click Start!
coz the first impression lasts

When you are selling on Marketplaces, your first point of contact with your customer is through your product’s image and content. Our dedicated Studio space, model network coupled with our e-specialist Photo shoot Management and Catalogue Management team ensures your first impression lasts.

Optimize your inventory

Selling on 10 different platforms doesn’t mean you need to stock up for all of them separately. We optimize your inventory for all the platforms and ensure you don’t have any uncatered order. Also, be ready for our team to continuously follow up with you if a fast selling product goes out of stock; after all; more you earn, more we earn too!

Fetch Orders – invoice,
pack & ship them

We process your orders for you on each Portal, give you a ‘ready-to-print’ daily stock of invoices and shipping labels and even book the courier guy for you.

Payment Reconciliation

When it comes to cash-flow of our clients, we are dead serious. We maintain an order-wise payment tracker for you that gives you clarity on everything that you need to know about your payments.

Rating Management & Customer Service

In the digital space words spread at the speed of internet. In the Market Places, ratings represent the Seller’s reputation. Our experts ensure that your customers’ queries don’t go unanswered. We handle the primary queries for you and only bother you when it’s absolutely required. We keep a keen eye on your ratings and assist you with the ways to improve them

Platform Promotions

There will be recurring promotions, where the different Market places would send you communications to participate in. Our experts shall give you a clear picture, on what impact it shall have on your costs and profit, to enable you to take the right decision.