ThisThe following features highlight the functionality of Shoppers Center. These are features available to vendors…

Sell without commission and charges, earn more profit.

We at shoppers Center not charge a single Rupees on sales. So you can earn more profit compared to other e-commerce websites

Vendor stores

Vendor stores are individual store fronts with a unique URL for each vendor. Each store has a limited amount of customization that can be performed by the vendor including branding and social profiles.

Front end dashboard

The front end dashboard is what makes so powerful. It allows you to provide a seamless front end experience for Sellers. You can manage every aspect of their store.


Vendors can list various product types including all built-in types from both the front end and the backend in free. With our extensions they can also sell bookable products and soon they will be able to sell subscriptions.

Order Management

Vendors can manage their orders on the front end including marking the orders shipped, adding order notes and even printing out shipping labels and picking lists.


Vendors can create coupons for their customers that will be applied at checkout to their products only.


We provide the most comprehensive shipping module. This includes a flat rate national and international system as well as a table rate shipping system.


Vendors can get information about their current sales, Cost of Sales & Profit data.

Discount on social sharing

Give your users discounts in exchange for sharing your products on their social network pages and profiles. Increase your visibility and your customers’ loyalty.


Many shopkeepers sell goods or services for which a label with price is not enough. For off-the-shelf items, for which big quantities of the same product might be purchased, a buyer usually prefers to get in touch with the supplier to negotiate an ad hoc price solution. A quote request is a channel that allows that negotiation, that otherwise is difficult to achieve in online shops.